Dart Sets Standard for Philanthropy

Dart Enterprises is the parent company of a number of subsidiaries, creating a portfolio spanning philanthropic organizations to real estate. With such large scope, the Enterprises’ varied interests have bettered many communities and created many jobs.

For example, Ken Dart (http://deccolimited.com/dartenterprises/) of Dart Enterprises has begun setting a new precedent for real estate development with his example of new urbanism in Camana Bay. Dart Realty Cayman Ltd. is a subsidiary of Dart Enterprises and the attribution for Camana Bay, Salt Creek (a residential neighborhood), Regatta Office Park and Seven Mile Beach Hotel. The organization thoughtfully created a sustainable community for high quality living, working and playing.

Furthermore, Dart Enterprises parents more subsidiaries that have greatly enhanced life in Camana Bay and built it to what it is today.

DECCO Ltd is built, and is now expanding, The Cayman International School in Camana Bay for students from two years of age to seniors in high school. Creating infrastructure for quality education with a curriculum preparing students for rigorous universities greatly enhances the entire community.

In alignment with Ken Dart’s commitment to education, Dart also offers both high school and university scholarships with the philanthropic organization, Minds Inspired.

The aforementioned is just a brief look at the wide extension of Dart. With two other recognized philanthropic organizations and countless projects funded by the corporation, Dart Enterprises has set a new standard for philanthropy, development and progress.

Philanthropic Washingtonians to Watch in 2015

Both native and transplant Washingtonians have been making headlines recently with generous gifts to causes they care about. Professions, backgrounds, and causes of these philanthropists vary from exec to ambassador, and from arts and educational causes to international aid, but all of the strong support reflects Washington’s philanthropic culture and spirit of stewardship.

Yousef al Otaiba
United Arab Emirates (UAE) ambassador to the United States, Yousef al Otaiba says the U.S. and UAE “are close allies and helping each other is what deep friendship is all about.” The small coastal country has consistently given the U.S. generous gifts over the past several years, including a $150 million gift to the Children’s National Medical Center to research less invasive and pain-free surgeries at the new Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation. Al Otaiba himself also personally assists the organization–he and his wife teamed up with Bret and Amy Baier for the Children’s National Medical Center gala last year, raising millions in donations.

Housing Opportunities Made Equal: Va. Nonprofit Ensures Equal Housing

Housing discrimination is a severely under-reported yet nationwide issue–with more than two million cases occurring per year, less than one percent are reported, sometimes due to the fact that victims may be unaware that they were discriminated against. From rental and sales discrimination to homeowners insurance discrimination based on gender identity, national origin, ethnicity, veteran status or age, housing discrimination has proved itself as a prevalent issues in the U.S. today.

Energy Saving Solutions

Cenergistic is creating a niche for itself in the energy industry where the company specializes in working with government agencies, churches, community groups and school districts in a bid to make sure energy consumption is kept to a minimum. The company has grown quickly as the extent of the savings many organizations have seen are published and reported by media outlets around the US and across the World. By 2012 Cenergistic, which used to be known as Energy Education, had partnered with around 85 school districts in a bid to reduce energy consumption in educational institutions and lower utility bills to free up important funds for educational based projects.