2017 “A Walk in Her Shoes” Draws Crowds in Cayman

Bringing attention to the plight and struggles of women is a difficult task. Awareness means making a certain demographic adopt a certain degree of empathy for the group in which they are addressing. If women struggle and hardships are the focus, it seems logical that men would be the best group to recruit for understanding and proactivity.

There are a number of things to do in Grand Cayman that extend far beyond your typical Caribbean island. In fact, there is an event right in Camana Bay that is focused on bringing awareness to specific crisis centers that address the needs of women. This event is rather spontaneous but has drawn huge participant crowds in past years. “A Walk in Her Shoes” prompts men to display gestures of solidarity with women while earning huge sponsor donations that go to supporting women’s social centers.

What Men Must Do to Participate
The act is simple. Instead of sandals, sneakers, and dress boots, men must show up wearing any style of women’s shoes. While wearing these shoes, they must successfully complete a number of laps in a designated route. Each lap around the route gains sponsor contributions that go directly to Cayman Islands’ women’s crisis centers.

What this Event Benefits
Women’s centers in the Cayman Islands focus on the needs of women who are experiencing economic struggles because of harsh economic conditions, the difficulties of child-rearing, and the tough situations with finding sustainable long-term employment. This event allows men to participate in a proactive charitable action that helps to heal social wounds, and boost the lives of countless individuals.

Camana Bay Shines!
In previous years, the local male population, plus a host of male visitors, made this charitable event a huge success. Sponsors pledged immense sums of money for each lap that the participants completed. This year, men are visiting Grand Cayman just to see how much money they can raise. This is a wonderful expression of empathy and awareness for issues that concern women throughout the region.

Men who want to participate in the “A Walk in Her Shoes” event need to register online, or at local venues. A day spent walking in women’s shoes not only can benefit island crisis centers but bring a new perspective to open minds and hearts. This unique fundraising event is one of the most invigorating and satisfying things in which travelers to the Caymans can participate. Every hard-earned stiletto-backed donation helps women of the Caymans build a better life.