3 Organizations that Help Those Who Offer the Ultimate Sacrifice, Our Veterans

Veterans risk the ultimate sacrifice to defend our nation, their life. They deserve our respect and adoration. Many veterans return home to find themselves presented with daunting challenges and terrible life circumstances. Many of our heroes end up penniless and homeless. Here are 3 noteworthy organizations that help veterans.

Hope for the Warriors

This is one of the purest organizations that provide help and assistance for veterans that there is. It was the wives of military veterans started Hope for the Warriors in 2006. While the focus of the charity is to help improve the quality of life for soldiers’ post-9/11, their efforts provide needed assistance for thousands of disadvantaged veterans.

Hope for the Warriors provides vital clinical health and wellness programs for veterans. They offer counseling services to help military veterans make the transition into civilian life, including education and career assistance. Through their recreation and sports initiative, Hope for the Warriors helps veterans rekindle their love for healing leisure activities and hobbies.


If you want to find one of the oldest entities that strive to provide needed services for veterans, SourceAmerica is that source. SourceAmerica (https://www.indeed.com/q-Sourceamerica-jobs.html) primarily addresses the needs of veterans who return home with some form of disability. They offer job placement and educational assistance to thousands of military veterans who have been forced to redirect their life’s objectives.

Their caring staff helps veterans with disabilities secure viable employment options in environments that promote a Quality Work Environment (QWE). There are franchise programs available for all types of people with disabilities, including military veterans. SourceAmerica’s Ideas to Work Fund matches grants to agencies to help them create more jobs for disabled veterans as well.

Wounded Warriors Family Support

US Marine Colonel John Folsom started the Wounded Warriors Family Support organization in 2003. Their primary objective is to help the veterans and their families who have been wounded, injured, or killed. Wounded Warriors Family Support sets up retreats where veterans and their families can gather in a tranquil setting to deal with the horrific psychological challenges of returning from battle.

They have partnered with major corporations such as UAW-Ford, to offer veterans training programs in solid career fields. The organization is one of the most successful at helping veterans and their families collectively reintegrate into everyday life. They provide a welcome harborage for our heroes to share their experiences with their family and make broken worlds whole again.

These are just three of the most successful organizations that provide help and relief for our veterans. They are part of dozens of outstanding causes that show a truthful respect for the men and women who offer the ultimate sacrifice for their country, their lives.