Big Wins for SMBs with New Department of Defense Contract

Atlantic Diving Supply (ADS) Inc. and Ricochet Manufacturing Co. have a lot to celebrate following a September deal. A defense contract from the Department of Defense has been awarded to the two companies to the tune of more than $60 million. The contracts, for the manufacturing of top-of-the-line protective gear for Air Force, Air Force Reserve, and Air National Guard firefighters, have seen to the rise of these two players in the market of firefighting protective garments and equipment.

With contracts designated for small business, which the federal government defined as 500 people or less, it comes as a particularly huge win for Philadelphia, PA based company Ricochet Manufacturing Co., which had recently suffered since its largest customer had put a stop to all orders for nearly a year.

After being forced to less than half their former work force, about 20 people, times were not easy at the time of Ricochet’s bid. Now, following their joint victory with ADS Inc., Ricochet Manufacturing Co. is hard at work bolstering their workforce. With millions of dollars a year in work to do, they plan to hire as quick as possible to fulfill the needs of the Air Force in short order.

Thankfully, all Ricochet Manufacturing Co. need concern themselves with is the sewing and manufacturing side of the work. Transport and logistics will be handled by ADS Inc., their partner in the deal. Additionally, ADS will simultaneously be providing logistical services for the leather boots manufactured by Honeywell First Responder Products of Dayton, OH for the Air Force firefighters.

Virginia Beach, VA based ADS Inc. finds particular triumph in the Department of Defense contract, as well. The deal comes at a critical time, in which they are expanding their present services to fire emergency and first responder products. The new deal could not be a more appropriate proving for their new branch of market services.

With contracts running until early 2023, ADS Inc. and Ricochet Manufacturing Co. can rest a bit easier, but they have not been lulled into complacency. Ricochet Manufacturing Co. has already resumed business with its formerly-biggest customer after a long silence, and ADS Inc. still has plenty of other products they continue to provide while their new branch grows.