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The Committee Formed To Provide Disaster Relief To The U.S. Virgin Islands

The committee consist of many experienced, knowledgeable and professional individuals with their fields. This includes the CEO of WICO, Clifford Graham who be the groups Chairman, Dr. Jerome M. Adams, the U.S. Surgeon General, and the founder of Island Capital Group, Andrew Farkas. Additional committee members include Geri Purvis who has spent 15 years serving FEMA, the Buccaneer Hotel’s general manager Elizabeth Armstrong, Pace University’s visiting scholar Judith Enck, and the owner of the Royal Caribbean, Vivek Daswani.

Military Dream Week: Surprising Those Who Served

During Military Dream Week, 13News Now, teamed up with a number of local Virginia based sponsors, like ADS and Operation Once in a Lifetime to help those in need. In a partnership with the City of Norfolk’s Naval Station Norfolk Centennial Commission, Cavalier Ford Lincoln, and Virginia Ship Repair Association, they honored those who serve with with surprise parties, gifts, and donations to servicemen, servicewomen, and their families.

Big Wins for SMBs with New Department of Defense Contract

Atlantic Diving Supply (ADS) Inc. and Ricochet Manufacturing Co. have a lot to celebrate following a September deal. A contract from the Department of Defense has been awarded to the two companies to the tune of more than $60 million. The contracts, for the manufacturing of top-of-the-line protective gear for the Air Force, Air Force Reserve, and Air National Guard firefighters, have seen to the rise of these two players in the market of firefighting protective garments and equipment.

How people with disabilities will be affected by the proposed healthcare bills

Source America has been committed to helping companies provide employment for individuals with disabilities for forty years. They have a network of non-profits that supply the services and products in extremely high demand. Using only standards of the highest quality they match commercial and government contracts with workforces dedicated to provide jobs for people with severe disabilities.

Arianna Huffington Honored at Annual Bridges of Understanding Event

With the help of the event’s benefit committee which included Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba and his wide Abeer, all fundraising proceeds from the event will support BOU’s education initiatives. Refugee Deeply, BOU’s newest programming, provides in-depth and unbiased coverage of the Syrian refugee crisis and works to untangle the complicated geopolitical, legal, and human rights issues surrounding the problem.

Department of Treasury Set to Help Development of Rural Areas Through Funding of Companies

The state is one of the few areas within the company that has required government attention over time and is now starting to see the benefit of the efforts of the people of the state, as the United States Department of Treasury has donated a large sum of money towards the state and the companies that have their operations within the state. As part of this, CEI Capital Management, a company based in the state of Maine, has been given over $80 million in the treasurer’s efforts to divulge into new markets to offer help where help is needed (Maine to benefit from $80 million in tax credits for U.S. rural development).

Filing info and tax credits

The ETIC and the ACTC are both refundable tax credits. There are a wide variety of tax credits available to taxpayers and business as a way of offsetting some of their liability. The most common for individual taxpayers are the Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, and the Lifetime Learning Credit. For businesses, commonly used tax credits are the General Business Credit, New Markets Tax Credit, and the Work Opportunity Credit.

New Markets Equals Growth for Maine

The New Market Tax Credit Program works to aid in “building up” of our forgotten communities. The goal is to attract private investors that will invest in these forgotten communities, abandoned commercial properties, and outdated manufacturing buildings and revive them. By investing in these communities, the investors create viable investments that truly give back to the community through services and jobs, not the mention a working, successful presence that feeds community pride. The result is a reinvigorated local economy.