Where’s our community spirit gone?

Let The Teens Get Involved

At Community Action C, we do encourage all teens to become part of our organization to become a volunteer or do their share to help the community in one way or the other. We do believe that the vibrancy, energy and hunger to be of service to other people are what drive us to become what we are today.

Instill Positive Values

Why we choose to have the teens get involved? If not guided properly, they can be lost. They will never see their true potential, to be humane, to be of service to the community. We do instill in them positive values in every way that we can while making sure that there is an ingredient of fun included in every activity or community service they do under our supervision.

Give More To The Community

There is so much has been given by the community to people like me and the entire team. With Community Action C, this is our way of giving back and more without asking in return. It serves as our legacy of which we could be proud to look back years from now. We would never be the person that we ought to be without the support of our parents, relatives, friends and community. We know the positive effect it has on the people of Community Action C. Thus, we are going to do the same in order to have the same effect on our community. This is what we do best. The same thing we are going to do in the years to come.

If you are interested to be part of our organization or you have any question that lingers in your mind, do contact us. Our friendly volunteers are on standby to be of service to you.

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