The Missouri Government Internship Program Gets Alumni Gift

Ryan Brennan of Advantage Capital serves as Managing Director and his picture could be seen at a recent Foundation Banquet for Truman State University. He is seen here with the University President Barbara Dixon. She had presented a keynote address at this banquet. This is when she informed the University about a $40,000 gift to the University. This is supposedly to benefit the Truman’s Missouri Government Internship Program.

This gift has come from the Truman State University alumni Scott Zajac, who passed out in 1983, and Ryan Brennan, who passed out in 1995. They along with their company, Advantage Capital Partners, have given this gift of $40,000 in order to establish an endowment. This is meant to benefit the Missouri Government Internship Program.

Zajac is the senior managing director of the firm. Brennan is the principal of the firm. Both of them are former participants of this program. It is a program that annually sends Truman juniors as well as seniors to Jefferson City. This is for a semester internship that is done with a legislator, public official or even with a state agency.

University President Barbara Dixon expressed her delight on receiving this investment. This is because Truman is one of their most distinct co-curricular student programs. This kind of an endowment is going to expand opportunities for students. In addition, it will also help to provide a solid financial base for them for the future.

The earnings from this endowment will be directed towards stipends. These will be received by program participants. It will be used to defray housing as well as other living expenses that will be incurred during the semester. The Truman State University Foundation has been supporting this program through various unrestricted gifts.

The gift will work as a catalyst for seeking additional endowment support from various other corporations with mutual interests. Nearly 500 Truman students have participated in this program since it started in 1972. This is a huge number. Hence support is required in order to see such a program through. This is why such a gift from the alumni is going to be really welcomed.

Advantage Capital Partners was found in 1992. It is a private equity firm. It invests in promising companies with regard to federal, state as well as local economic development initiatives. It has offices in St. Louis, New Orleans, and several other cities. This firm has already managed to raise over $700 million in institutional capital.