Organizations that provide clean water to those in need

Sanitary water isn’t accessible for over 600 million people worldwide. Water is a commodity that is taken for granted by a majority of people. 1 of 10 people doesn’t have the resources for daily clean water. Obviously, without water, people can’t live, crops can’t grow, and sanitization standards can’t be upheld. However, there are organizations that are making an effort towards providing clean water to everybody in the world. These organizations are providing a healthier lifestyle and making the planet a better place. is an organization committed to completely ending the need for water in developing countries. Currently, they are focused on bringing clean water wells that work consistently and giving access to the people in Uganda who typically travel miles for access to clean water. 36% of Ugandan’s don’t have access to clean water, and is aiming to raise $110,000 to fund 20 wells that will serve 10,000 people.

Islamic Relief USA has water and sanitation projects that have been set in place for years. They are providing support to the unfortunate of the world where long-term water access needs to be addressed. Annually on World Water Day, March 22, Islamic Relief USA joins citizens in a variety of locations to bring attention to water concerns in the world. Currently, Islamic Relief USA is helping to provide clean water to refugees of Syria. The project is bringing in water tanks to Azaz and Jabal Samaan and is delivering needed maintenance of water wells already established. Along with the refugees of Syria, Islamic Relief USA is providing support to displaced people located in North Iraq and to farmers in Somalia.

The Thirst Project focuses their efforts to educate and motivate young people to help out with the global water crisis. Right now, they are actively taking to social media to raise awareness with the hashtag #thirstproject. Motivating the youth to take selfies with dirty water to educate people that millions of individuals have no access to clean water. It is a month-long initiative that has been gaining more followers every day.

New and modern techniques to bring water for the 600 million people that don’t have clean water access are on the forefront for humanitarian efforts. From solar power water pumps to efficient water wells, people and organizations are helping make clean water accessible to every human on the planet.