Our Philosophy

I am Dorothy Hughes, founder of Community Action C. I have started this organization 20 years ago. It all began when my eldest daughter who was 16 that time asked me, “Mom, I want to help our community. What can I do knowing that I get bored easily?” This question just slapped in my face, gave me an idea. If my daughter had this way of thinking, then there are other teenagers, two who were the same as her.

Then, I told her I am going to make an organization called Community Action C. I made her as my assistant as a means of training her and serve as her means of helping the community. Her job was to invite teens like here to volunteer, to come up with fun-filled community service activities. This will make every teenager enjoy every bit of the experience. At the same time, it would lead to having more teenagers to volunteer time for a greater cause.

Now, we have grown to a much bigger organization with thousands of teenage volunteers who spend their summer with us in order to give back to the community. My daughter has become my partner in running the organization.

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