The Missouri Government Internship Program Gets Alumni Gift

Ryan Brennan of Advantage Capital serves as Managing Director and his picture could be seen at a recent Foundation Banquet for Truman State University. He is seen here with the University President Barbara Dixon. She had presented a keynote address at this banquet. This is when she informed the University about a $40,000 gift to the University. This is supposedly to benefit the Truman’s Missouri Government Internship Program.

Department of Treasury Set to Help Development of Rural Areas Through Funding of Companies

The state is one of the few areas within the company that has required government attention over time and is now starting to see the benefit of the efforts of the people of the state, as the United States Department of Treasury has donated a large sum of money towards the state and the companies that have their operations within the state. As part of this, CEI Capital Management, a company based in the state of Maine, has been given over $80 million in the treasurer’s efforts to divulge into new markets to offer help where help is needed (Maine to benefit from $80 million in tax credits for U.S. rural development).

Senator Elizabeth Dole Launches Hidden Heroes in Nation’s Capital

Many notable individuals have joined this campaign, such as actor Tom Hanks, who will be featured in the video public service announcements. Other supporters include: Colonel Jennifer Pritzker, Retired Army National Guard and Founder and Chair of the Pritzker Military Museum; Ambassador of the UAE to the USA, Yousef Al Otaiba; Harriet Dominque of the USAA; Comcast-NBC Universal; News Anchor Tom Brokaw; Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi; and Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Robert McDonald.

What Betsy DeVos’ confirmation means for innovation in education

Following Betsy DeVos’ confirmation as the next Secretary of Education, the American education system could drastically pivot in unexpected ways. It’s difficult to know exactly what those changes will look like, given DeVos’ vague answers throughout her hearing. What we do know is that the declining state of education, and historical opposition DeVos has already…

New Yorkers For Children Gala Raises Over $1 Million To Support Children In Foster Care

One of the ways that New Yorkers for Children funds these programs is through its annual gala. The 2016 New Yorkers For Children Gala raised over $1 million that will go towards programs like the Back To School Package and the Charles Evans Emergency Educational Fund. The Gala was held at Cipriani 42nd Street and was co-chaired by celebrity hairstylist Frédéric Fekkai, Shirin von Wolfen and many others. The high-profile event drew attendees like Trey Songz, Alexia and David Leuschen, Kelly Rutherford, Rose Gilroy, Daphne Groeneveld and Danielle Snyder.

Filing info and tax credits

The ETIC and the ACTC are both refundable tax credits. There are a wide variety of tax credits available to taxpayers and business as a way of offsetting some of their liability. The most common for individual taxpayers are the Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, and the Lifetime Learning Credit. For businesses, commonly used tax credits are the General Business Credit, New Markets Tax Credit, and the Work Opportunity Credit.