How Do Tax Credits Help the Economy?

Tax credits benefit the economy in a number of different ways, but consumers must go on an arduous search to find every tax credit available to them. Large businesses use tax credits to enact better business practices, and small consumers use tax credits to save money at the end of the year. This article explains…

Georgetown Bowling Alley Hosts Hope for Henry Charity Event

The bowling part in October of 2015 was no exception. Wolf Blitzer of CNN, comedian Donnell Rawlings, and even international ambassadors such as Yousef Al Otaiba ( were all in attendance. Taking place at Pinstripes Bowling Alley in Georgetown, the night was a relaxed change of pace from the usual hustle and bustle that is typical of the D.C. area.

New Markets Equals Growth for Maine

The New Market Tax Credit Program works to aid in “building up” of our forgotten communities. The goal is to attract private investors that will invest in these forgotten communities, abandoned commercial properties, and outdated manufacturing buildings and revive them. By investing in these communities, the investors create viable investments that truly give back to the community through services and jobs, not the mention a working, successful presence that feeds community pride. The result is a reinvigorated local economy.

An Evolving Cayman Vision

Since his purchase, Ken Dart has stayed true to his vision of creating a mixed use community in this beautiful space. He embraces new urbanism, which would create residential, commercial and business spaces that’d be linked together through mutual community areas. This way, he would be creating a living town, rather than just another subdivision. Dart Realty (Cayman) Ltd., brought Camana Bay to life, and in doing so, introduced the first new urbanism development to the Caribbean.

Understanding the Tax Credit Program for Community Investment

The Finance Authority of Maine (FAME)is administering the Maine New Markets Investment Program which permits income tax credits for investments in certain communities in Maine. The program is modeled after the federal New Markets Investment Program. Qualifying investments must be equity investments made in approved Community Development Entities (CDE). The funding for the program is…

Students Raise Over $84,000 During Dance Marathon

Hundreds of teens participated in a Dance Marathon held Saturday, May 16, 5:00 p.m. – Midnight at Niles North High School, 9800 North Lawler Street, Skokie, IL. The Dance Marathon culminated a year-long series of fundraising efforts held throughout the school year to benefit the Daniel M. Horyn Foundation, formed in the memory of a beloved Niles North teacher who lost his courageous battle with esophageal cancer on September 9, 2013.