How people with disabilities will be affected by the proposed healthcare bills

Many Americans do not realize how much Americans with disabilities are impacted by Medicaid. Medicaid is the primary funding source for the services that make it possible for these individuals to remain in their homes and keep them out of institutions and nursing homes. In 1981 Ronald Reagan included provisions in Medicaid to help those with disabilities stay out of institutions because they are not as safe, free, or happy as they are in their own homes. In 1990 George Bush signed the Americans with Disabilities Act so states had to provide services necessary for individuals with disabilities. Medicaid provides the in-home services including occupational therapists, health nurses, and home aid required for Americans with disabilities.

Republicans are attempting to change Medicaid and it is threatening the disabled communities. Their proposal would impose a limit for every Medicaid recipient based on data from 2016. The Republicans refer to this as per capita caps but it is simply a way for the Federal government to save money. This would devastate services for people with disabilities, children, and seniors. Many of the current issues are due to the Affordable Care Act and if the financing changes programs that have helped the disabled since the 1980’s will be severely traumatized. States will be unable to afford to fund Medicaid and they should not have this responsibility. The federal government should be responsible for partnering with all the states to pay for Medicaid. Medicare does not cover long-term care or home based services.

States are currently covering approximately half the cost of Medicaid. If they are given the full financial burden people of all ages with disabilities will suffer including the elderly. American families, states, and the disabled will be left in a state of chaos. The proposed cuts will be devastating and force people with disabilities backwards in time. The United States has always been proud to provide services for individuals with disabilities but federal funding is a necessity. American values must be upheld by the Senate and per capita caps must be rejected. The ACA problems can be fixed without resorting to the destruction of everything disabled Americans require and have earned. If Medicaid is cut this will result in a problem of such epic proportions the damage will not be able to be contained.

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