Rev. Jackie Kirby and St. George’s School

St. George’s School has an exciting development to share with the world. The educational institution has just recruited its only female chaplain ever. It’s been in existence for more than 120 full years as well. St. George’s School recruited Reverend Jackie Kirby to be its latest chaplain. Earlier this year, Dr. Alixe Callen took her place as the school’s first female head of school. Reverend Kirby talked to The Daily News and revealed that she feels privileged to have this distinction. She used to work as an associate chaplain for St. George’s School. Her switch to the highest position possible there has been smooth. She will officially be welcomed into her brand-new spot on January 18th, a Thursday. The service will take place inside of St. George’s Chapel.

Kirby is 51 years in age. She expressed her desire to work for St. George’s School. Her desire stemmed from her time at divinity school. Kirby stated that people had given the institution rave reviews. They discussed everything from the strong educational environment to the pleasant demeanors of all the individuals there. Kirby was delighted to realize that St. George’s School lived up to all the hype. She even stated that it managed to surpass it, wonderfully enough. She’s native to the Baltimore, Maryland region. Her upbringing took place in a community that was not far at all from the vibrant city. The chaplain communicates that her religious background was standard and par for the course. She came from an Episcopal family. That affected her existence in a significant way during her formative years. Her beliefs, however, didn’t feel as prominent to her once she got to her high school and university years. Things changed, though. She worked at Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts. That’s where she instructed courses that revolved around both expository writing and English. She was part of a program that centered around writing as well. She was the program’s respected associate director.

Kirby went to a local Unitarian church. She noticed a Buddhist pastor who wowed her with sermons that were out of this world. His zeal motivated her to get back into her religious beliefs as an Episcopalian. She returned to Yale to sign up for divinity school. She got an undergraduate degree at the famed school before that. She studied literature there.

Kirby is married to a man by the name of Ed. They are elated to have a daughter in their lives. She’s nine years in age and called Annie.