How SourceAmerica helps Veterans

How Source America Changes Veterans Lives
Source America was founded in 1974. The not –for-profit organization is an agency that operates under AbilityOne Commission, a government agency that offers support to non-for-profit agencies. Source America offers programs that create economic based opportunities to citizens. These programs are specific to disabled people. From blind people to people with other disabilities, Source America has procuring federal contracts to initiate such projects. Source America has its main office in Vienna. The office handles major projects through networks from across the world. Most of these networks come in the form of federal customers who have acquired legislative, regulatory assistance. The services also cover communications, public relations, engineering, technical assistance and information technology support.


Source America (an Ability One non-profit agency)offers economic opportunities to disabled veterans. The mission of this foundation is appended to removing barriers, creating solutions in addition to expanding possibilities to the affected heroes. Source America thrives on allowing veterans to achieve life’s full potential. Source America offers services to commercial businesses. Veterans are part of these services. The contracts initiated by the organization exude maximum expertise. It is coupled with an extensive network of not-for-profit professionals. This highly ranks the organization as an excellent service giver to veterans. Source America provides competitive pricing services with the aim of satisfying the demands of businesses. The management understands that the corporate world harbors challenges.


Source America offers extensive programs for veterans. In America, there are about 21.8 million veterans. Out of this number, 3.8 million need these services because they are disabled. The company has created an employment program for these people. The mission of this organization is flexible as long as the veterans are catered for. Last December, Source America started an internship program for former veterans. These members have greatly been affected by their past lives. The career support program offers training based on the job group, title and career choice of the veterans.


In June 2017, Source America held a four-month program under veteran’s initiatives. Being the pilot program, the basics highlighted the key areas of concentration that the program should facilitate. Source America matched the veterans with the type of jobs they would fit. Their experiences matched the jobs that the organization selected for them. This is one thoughtful objective that Source America has succeeded in implementing. In the first internship program, seven attendees were present to work in allocated departments. Two out of the total candidates shifted from the shelters to employment in the department of treasury. Two other veterans were employed by Source America.

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