Truman State University Receives a $40,000 gift

The Truman State University has received a rather generous gift from one of their own. Scott Zajac and Ryan Brennan of Advantage Capital donated $40,000 to the University towards their Internship program.

The internship program is provided by the Missouri Government. The two are alumni of the program which gives the students a chance to work with legislators, state agency and public officials for a semester.

The university president Barbara Dixon said that the donation would go towards the providing a solid financial future for the students. The amount will provide stipends for the participants. They students will be in a position to get living and housing expenses. The program also supports the students on unrestricted donations and gifts.

The university was founded in 1867, and it has been providing quality academic programs since then. This is a program that has been in operation from 1972, and over 500 students have participated in the internship program. Scott joined the program in 1983 while his partner Brennan in 1995.

Advantage Capital Partners

This is a company that was founded in 1992, and it focuses on providing investments for the small businesses. They have also engaged in activities that are going to enhance the economy.

Since its inception, the company has invested more than $ 2 billion in different companies. They invest in different ways that include providing equity to support the start-up companies. They have also provided debts which are cash flow based.

If you are a small business, then you need to consider the government guaranteed lending. This has been specifically designed for the small businesses. The other two other ways that you can take advantage of; Advantage Capital Agribusiness Partners for people are involved in food and agribusiness and the affordable housing equity and tax credits.

The main aim of the company is to look for small businesses that are already looking for growth. They partner with leaders and managers of companies who are passionate about their work. If you are that kind of leader, then you can benefit greatly from working with the company.

They focus on investing in people, making tactful investments, supporting and empowering and also growing the underserved people.

Scott Zajac is the senior managing director of the company while Ryan Brennan is a managing director. The president of the company is Steven Stull.