What We Do

Community Action C has become a strong organization – thanks to the countless of teenage volunteers who always spend their summer with us. We have been doing this for two decades now. I must say we did our job right. The help of my daughter and everyone within our community had made everything impossible, possible.

To give you an idea as to what our organization does, read on.

We encourage teenagers to become our volunteers. Most of them do devote all their summer time with us in order to do community service. Some do spend one weekend every 3 months to do render service. There are team leaders who are also teenagers as well. They are going to be responsible in coming up with fun-filled community service for his or her team.

Upon the approval of every team member and the president of Community Action C, the community service will then be implemented according to the date agreed upon.  After which, there will be an assessment to be conducted by the team members and team leader with regard to the service. Then, the assessment will then be submitted to the president.

The president will then give an evaluation whether to push through with the same community service to be implemented on another date. If a community service has been given two thumbs up by the president, it will be implemented by the same team until such time they decide to change it or implement a new one.

We are strict on our rules of having to implement one service only. This is to give teams enough time to master the service, see loopholes if any, and be able to leave a legacy for other teenage volunteers to follow through in the next years to come. This is what Community Action C is all about.

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